Our Programs

At Little Explorer's Early Learning Centre we operate an emergent curriculum approach to programming. Emergent Curriculum has been developed to cater for the diverse abilities, interests and stages of development of the very young children in early childhood centres. This approach to planning for children's learning acknowledges the individual child.

Individual portfolios document each child's growth and learning using photos, work samples, transcripts of conversations, written observations and the child's own ideas and comments. The knowledge of the individual child gained from their portfolio along with information from parents and the staff's understanding of child development provides the basis for the experiences and materials provided to extend that child's learning.

Our children’s portfolios, developmental observations, activities, photographs and learning journeys are available to parents via the Childcarers app. Parents receive a daily update about their child’s day as well as access to news, policies, events, forms, relevant information and websites. Parent input into the program is encouraged and made easy via the Childcares App

Learning areas provide children with a choice of materials that cater for different levels of competency and that can be used in a variety of ways. Specific learning experiences may also be set up based on a child's suggestion or interest, to test a particular theory or to introduce a new material or process to the children. Projects are undertaken when extended interest of an idea, material, process or subject is evident in either individual or a group of children. Room journals record how the children interact with the materials provided each day.

This style of programming is guided by the children as we believe that children should be responsible for their own learning with support from staff. We view children as competent and capable and so provide them with real materials and allow them to explore complex ideas. Research has shown that under this approach children become more independent, learn to be critical thinkers and develop a positive attitude to learning.

Parents Involvement in Our Programme: We welcome your feedback and involvement in our programme to help us gain an insight into the effect of the programme on your child. Please take the time to read our day books as your child appreciates your interest in their day. At Little Explorers we also welcome your involvement in centre life. We have an open door policy and parents are welcome at any time. If you would like to be involved in our programme speak to the room staff so they can plan for your visit.

The day is designed with each child's growing knowledge and competencies in mind, and therefore there is a balance of experiences provided which are both teacher initiated as well as child initiated.

For example, while teachers offer story and group times (which can be music, movement, memory games, extension work, as well as many various guided program elements), children can also make their own decisions in that they are able to independently access certain equipment – such as blocks, reading corner, writing and literacy tables, at any time of the day.

Developmental Goals and Objectives

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